Alan was founded on 1972 by eng. Falconi Lodovico and the name was originated by the names of his sons Alberto (AL) and Annamaria (AN)
Alan began producing racing bike frames in 1972 with the first frames being available in aluminium.
The frames were constructed with a unique method by bonding tubes and lugs using a special glue which originated from the aeronautical industry.
This method has become a distinguishing factor for Alan, well noted by the high level frames developed and tested throughout racing over the years which has permitted to create innovative and yet functional solutions by combining diverse materials which are normally prohibitive using traditional welding methods.
On 1976,this technology was also used for producing carbon fibre frames by Toray Industries tube sets and the first frame was also tested by the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association. So Alan was the first company in the world to produce aluminium and carbon frames. From the beginning. Alan has always collaborated with teams and champions on the amateur and professional levels whether it be on the road,cyclocross or track. This allowed to make modifications and improvements based on their testing and consultation.
Alan sponsored teams like Magniflex,Teka, Café de Colombia, Selle Royal, Fanini 7UP, Fanini Pepsi, Fanini Amore & Vita with some champions like Zilioli,Basso , Bertoglio ,Beccia,Vandi,Lucio Herrera,Parra,Thevenet,Blanco Villar,Golinelli,Gavazzi,Di Basco, Gaggioli, Baronchelli. A special success has been obtained in the cyclocross world championships ( 20 titles) with the champions like Wolfshol, Liboton,Zweifel,Stamsnjider,Kluge, Camrda,Pascal Richard, Di Tano,Pontoni,Djernis
Undoubtedly by now Alan has affirmed its place in the cycling sector as one of the few companies that can take advantage of great experience and knowledge of the workmanship and treatment of materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium to construct bicycle racing frames.For this reason, Alan has for many years provided consulting services to other companies in the sector as aiding in development and construction exclusively for their clients products.The majority of the workmanship is made in Italy” which for Alan signifies quality and safety of products.This is evident in the careful measures taken during every phase of production as well as in the methods and instruments used providing an exclusive service to the customers.Every client has the possibility to personalize the frame beginning from the exact measurements, desired colours, optional features,etc,without reinventing the production process. The characteristics of Alan frame are always a point of reference for serious cyclist that want the distinction and guarantee for a premium quality, exclusive and reliable product.

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