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Creating hand-made, artisanal products doesn’t mean having to compromise quality, repeatability or the certainty that the final result will correspond to the qualitative standards that ALCHEMIST has established.
Control over the process, continuous training and updating, sample analysis and testing (destructive and non- destructive), make up our idea of Made In Italy production.
ALCHEMIST, during the phases of experimentation and prototyping and during the normal production cycle of its wheels, carries out radiographic sample tests to verify that they are laminated perfectly and that at no point in any of the phases was a defect cause that could compromise the product.
Unique in the field for systematically carrying out these non-destructive tests, customers and users are guaranteed the utmost quality in terms of reliability and consistent quality, limiting the difference in weight from one wheel to another to under 5 gr (less than 1.5% for their lightest wheel).

X-Sense Series

Alchemist X-Sense X9/X7.33 Wheelset

$2,800.00Regular Price$1,000.00Sale Price

Alchemist X-Sense X9/X7.26 Wheelset

$2,800.00Regular Price$1,000.00Sale Price

Alchemist X-Sense X9/X7.44 Wheelset

$2,800.00Regular Price$1,000.00Sale Price

RR Marathon & Enduro Series

Alchemist RR-Marathon 29 Wheelset

$2,500.00Regular Price$800.00Sale Price