Why does the market need a new brake?


Are there not enough good brakes available?

The phrase "the better is the enemy of good" applies here, as it often does.


What is better about Brake Force One (BFO) brakes?

Simply put: they have a better braking force to hand force ratio. How do they do that you might ask? Very simple... hydraulically modified gear ratio which allows for brake pads to be installed with a real air gap. This also eliminates that annoying whistling sound that other brake display.  BFO brakes are built solid and in a simple way.  Thanks to a big air gap, no brake fluid reservoir is required.  The result is a robust yet reliable hydraulic caliper braking system that can't be matched by any of our competitors.   


What else separates BFO from the competitors?

Brake Force One disc brake clear hoses with colored mineral oil. We want our customers to be able to further customize their bike.


What are some other Brake Force One facts? 

Integrated hydraulic booster - half operating power, yet double the braking power

Maintenance-free, closed system without brake fluid reservoir prevents pressure point from shifting after long periods of idle time - No more grinding and squeaking brake discs 

Adjustment of clearance at the dial on the thumb brake lever - Mineral oil brake fluid 

Weight: BrakeForceOne 179 g (without disc) 

Special brake pads for boosted power - Rubbered handle for excellent comfort 

Long-lasting simple and strength construction - Big safety reserve even in extreme use 

Lever travel adjustment 

Advanced ergonomics: one finger handles brake, the others grip the handlebar - Extreme stiff caliper - Superior test results by official independent test labs 

Made in Germany

No product

No product

Option: Brake Force One disc brake clear hoses with colored mineral oil.

Option: BFO Rotors - 140, 160, 180 and 203

Option: Brake Force One disc brake with phosphorescent hoses

Option: BFO Mineral oil 500ml -  Colored Mineral oil also available - call for details

Option: BFO Bleed kit - 2x injection systems and 100ml of mineral oil.

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