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--Carbon-Ti specializes in producing high-quality carbon fiber and titanium bicycle components. They are the leading manufacturer of MTB accessories in Italy and they are only growing world-wide. 


--Carbon-Ti was born from LLS Titanium, a leading company in the manufacturing of special alloys and carbon fiber. The Italian brand Carbon-Ti is dedicated to the production of premium quality bike components.


-- Innovation is one of the most important business values to Carbon-Ti, and the aim is to continue to improve technical solutions for all clients through a commitment to each part of the work team in all stages of the work process.

X-Wheel MountainCarbon XC25

$1,650.00Regular Price$1,320.00Sale Price

X-Wheel MountainCarbon XC28

$1,650.00Regular Price$1,320.00Sale Price

Astral Veil Rims, Aerolite Spokes, Carbon-Ti Hubs

$2,225.00Regular Price$1,200.00Sale Price

Astral Radiant Rims, Aerolite Spokes, Carbon-Ti Hubs

$1,250.00Regular Price$700.00Sale Price

Carbon-Ti X-Rotor SteelCarbon 2

$170.00Regular Price$112.00Sale Price

X-Hub SP Boost 110 28

$210.00Regular Price$136.08Sale Price

X-Hub ROAD SP Front 20

$125.00Regular Price$81.90Sale Price

X-Hub ROAD SP Rear X-Campy 24

$300.00Regular Price$200.34Sale Price

X-Hub SP Boost 148 XD 28

$425.00Regular Price$268.38Sale Price

X-Hub ROAD SP Rear 24

$300.00Regular Price$200.34Sale Price

X-Lock X-12 Boost 148

$80.00Regular Price$42.84Sale Price

X-Lock QR15 X-Fox Boost

$71.15Regular Price$37.80Sale Price