24-hole wheel for a Marathon use designed with “Gyroscopic Effect” technology, which has led to the design of an indissoluble assembly formed by rim + spoke + hub where all the components are designed and built to work together. This is a wheel with unmatched control and responsiveness. The rim with RR (Ridge Reinforcement) technology is realized in a highpressure mold with IMPACTPROOF resin and 18K UD carbon. The resin is enhanced by plastic polymers that increase the performance of the wheel in terms of impact and stress absorption. The rim has an asymmetric profile, to compensate the distribution of the forces caused by braking and pedaling. The drilling is 3mm offset from the axis of the hub and the holes are inclined by ± 5° to facilitate the camber and to increase the lateral stiffness. The nipples area is reinforced to increase the resistance to tear. The PENTA SP hubs are composed of ERGAL-75 flanges, made with Ultra-CNC Milling technology and assembled to the main body, made in multi-layer molded carbon. The hubs have a high-strength carbon central body produced in mold. The ERGAL-75 flanges are made with Ultra-CNC Milling technology. The hub has high-flow, double-shielded SKF bearings, the rear hub encloses 5 bearings for the 10V version and 6 for the SD-Drive version.

The wheels are fi tted with SAPIM CX-RAY straight head spokes.

Alchemist RR-Marathon 29 Wheelset

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$800.00Sale Price
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