X-sense is not just a rim, but a family of wheels. The new “6D” molding technology invented by ALCHEMIST enables the printing of preimpregnated unidirectional carbon fiber with a complexity of shapes unique in the market, impossible to realize until today. A technology resulting from over two years of research at the plant in the province of Venice, where production takes place. A 100% “made in Italy” production. A truly tubeless rim: its special profile, in fact, is designed for the insertion of the nipple from the outside, allowing the realization of a channel without the conventional holes for the nipples. Therefore, no more tape and the great advantage of being able to do maintenance to the wheel without having to completely remove the tire. The special X profile with semichamber, unique in the world, allows the rim to flex in the center in case of violent impacts, thus allowing the profile to absorb the stress loads without exceeding the breaking point. An innovative profile which encloses the advantages of the “tooth profile” and of the “un-lock” one, but without the down sides of them: a set of large dimensions like the traditional un-lock for a greater resistance to impacts than the traditional one, but with an inclination towards the interior of the rim which hold the tire, thus avoiding beads breaking or loss of pressure.


Alchemist X-Sense X9/X7.33 Wheelset

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