Carbon – this material is not only with sex-appeal but also with an outstanding 
STW –stiffness to weight – factor: The fun of upside down starts at 1.552g (incl. Lockout)!  An increasing popularity of the Upside Down principle has its reason: The use of FAT-bikes / ENDURO bikes requires special solutions! The order of the telescopic tubes follows a load-oriented logic. The stronger with the larger outside diameter tubes are above (Upside)  arranged where the highest stresses are present. The stanchions are guided in these tubes. This increases the stiffness and reduces at the same time the load on the guide elements!
The new IIAS (Intelligent Integrated Adaptive Suspension) is last but not least a really lightweight spring -damping- integrated suspension unit and shows an absolutely new and innovative adaptive damping setup for changing situations in use.


Details and Options:

SYSTEM   Upside-Down fork
MATERIAL   Carbon version
MODEL   26inch / 29inch / 650B
WEIGHT   1552g, +55g (aluminium steerer), +75g (15/20mm thru axle); +14g (27,5inch); +37g (29inch); +30g (120mm travel)
TRAVEL   100mm; 120mm
SPRING   Air spring
DAMPING   I.I.A.S. damping
BRAKES   Postmount, Disc max. 185mm
AC   490mm (26inch / 100mm); 510mm (26inch / 120mm); 502mm (27,5inch / 100mm); 522mm (27,5inch / 120mm); 512mm (29inch / 100mm); 541mm (29inch / 120mm)
THRU-AXLE   15mm; 20mm
STEERER   One-point-five
DRIVER'S WEIGHT   max. 105kg with carbon steerer/max. 120kg with aluminum steerer
USE   Race / All mountain
MORE   36mm stanchions for good stability, dynamic look by straight dropout

German-a Flame Carbon

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