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The Xcite Zero is the latest addition to the lightweight Xcite telescopic series of German-A. With a fork weight of less than 1000g is this newest Xcite generation sets a new standard for lightweight forks in the lightest configuration. This is achieved by a consistent use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the newly developed ultra-lightweight suspension system IIAS of German-A. The most prominent features of Xcite such as straight dropout design and the muscle design have been preserved and further improved. In addition, the latest Xcite version also contains the solid 36mm stanchions and the proven plain bearings.


Details and Options:

SYSTEM   Teleskopic fork
MATERIAL   Carbon fibre technology, CNC manufactured / forged aluminium
SIZES   26inch; 27,5inch; 29inch
WEIGHT   from 998g
TRAVEL   100mm; 120mm
SPRING   Airspring
DAMPING   I.I.A.S. damping
BRAKES   Postmount, disc max. 185mm
AXLE TO CROWN LENGTH   480mm (26Zoll / 100mm); 500mm (26Zoll / 120mm); 492mm (27,5Zoll / 100mm); 512mm (27,5Zoll / 120mm); 511mm (29Zoll / 100mm); 531mm (29Zoll / 120mm);
STEERER   One-point-five; 1 1/8inch
THRU AXLE   QR9; X15; QR15
USE   Race / Marathon
MORE   Stanchions (36mm aluminium); Outer tube (42,5mm carbon)


German-A Xcite Zero Carbon